Interdisciplinary and International

Whenever opinions are analyzed, they are at the same time being shaped and influenced by that same process. This is why our approach is interdisciplinary and international – we are fluent in German and English. The way we work, we combine experience and expertise in the following areas:

Opinion analysis
Organizational development
Conflict management/mediation
Working in a Global Economy

Analytical and Participative

To really want to understand, analyze, listen to and integrate all relevant parties – that is the cornerstone of constructively managing strategically important opinions.  That is why in our projects we combined the following:  

Quantitative surveys
Qualitative focus groups, Appreciative Inquiry und in-depth interviews
Interactive workshops and other group methods
Mediations/conflict management strategies
Coaching in the area of opinion and conflict management

Flexible and Effective

We adapt to what our clients need, we work creatively and reliably. Our clients are executive teams, management teams, general managers, Corporate Planning, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Internal Communications and Quality Management.

  1. We work with multinational companies and SMEs.
  2. We do concept development work & coaching or provide full-service implementation.
  3. Our support can be project-by-project or continuously.